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To inquire about being granted an audience with Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora, send a polite, respectful email. List your interests, hard limits and level of experience. Include the names of other Pro Dommes you have previously served in the past year.  Domina believes this should be a mutually satisfying experience, so be as articulate as possible. Include a FEW date and time options. She will see what works with her schedule.  Mistress is available generaly Monday- Sunday 11am-10pm. 24 hours notice is preferred but she does take same day sessions from time to time within reason. Be aware Mistress may require a deposit or a higher tribute at her discretion.

If you are not aware of your hard limits and or interests do your research before contacting Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora. The internet is a plethora of information. In addition you can look over her interests in the ABOUT section of this website. Her interests are wide and varied, from foot fetish to corporal punishment and everything in between. Do peruse her SESSION STORIES and CLIP STORE to see what arouses you.

Any vulgar or unreadable emails will be ignored as will emails requesting sex acts or nudity on her part. View more of Mistress's hard limits in her about section.

Philly Domme Mistress Isadora has a strict email policy.  In 3 -4 emails ( that's 3-4 emails each)  interests and hard limits have been established as well as availability and any questions have been answered. There is no need to continuously email Mistress. If you do, expect to be ignored. If you would like to speak with Mistress more in depth about a session you may call her on NiteFlirt  or arrange a tributed phone call.  Once Mistress has determined compatibility via email, you will be given instructions on how to book the session by phone. During the phone conversation a date and time for the session will be confirmed and booked. You will be given instructions on how to confirm the session the day of. 

If you arrive early, do not expect to be let in. If you are going to be late  Mistress expects a phone call.  As far as cancellations, Mistress understands things happen though she expects adequate notice.  Do realize if you do not give adequate notice you may be charged a cancellation fee if you are grated a re-booking. Also if this is your first  session with Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora, you may not be grated another. All deposits are non -refundable.

Mistress Isadora prepares herself for your session together and expects you to do the same. Prepare yourself to be in her presence by taking a shower and wearing deodorant .

If you can not follow Mistress Isadora's instructions or simply choose not to, do not expect to be sessioning with her. Mistress has no desire to see you if you can not follow simple instructions.

Protocol for Philly Dominatrix Mistress Isadora